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Ingenuity Drives Warfighter Success

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We converge IT, training, analytics, and digital engineering for an agile enterprise that meets the needs of America's warfighters. Take control of the battlespace and emerging threats with:

  • Training That Sticks
  • Command and Control
  • Data Analytics
  • Smart Modernization
  • Digital Engineering


Training That Sticks

We leverage integrated training solutions and methods focused on producing specific learning outcomes, tailored to the needs of each customer.

  • Enhance training through data-driven transformational improvements.
  • Mobile platforms which provide 3D and/or AR/VR-based views of processes or actions for just-in-time training.
  • Holistic implementations of micro-learning—a learning methodology SAIC has adopted for our own training needs.
  • VR-based training capabilities which immerse the trainee within an operations center to provide cognitive skills training.

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Command and Control

To defend against global threats, the U.S. and its allies need the ability to exchange tactical information in real time and around the world for situational awareness. For more than 20 years, SAIC's Joint Range Extension (JRE) solution has reliably delivered Link 16 and long-haul data and communications exchange to provide a common tactical picture for coalition forces under combat conditions while also feeding this information to the common operational picture.

  • Established backbone for tactical data link operations.
  • Fielded over 1,700 JRE systems to the Department of Defense, NATO, and allied countries.
  • Run on virtually any workstation, laptop computer, and operating system.
  • Can feed into analytics tools for on-the-edge analysis and decision-making.

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Data Analytics

We integrate proprietary and open-source processes, methodologies, and tools (including machine learning algorithms) into an accessible platform that allows you to collect, curate, analyze, and act on disparate data sets.

  • Machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning
  • On-the-edge data analytic processing
  • Automation of analyses
  • MetaSift solution sorts through multimedia analyses to surface information not readily available or obvious to the users
  • Sensor data collected and analytics performed on the battlefield are exchanged with our Joint Range Extension solution for shared situational awareness

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Smart Modernization

SAIC's Smart Modernization holistically addresses an enterprise's modernization challenges by employing innovative tools and best practices to save O&M and modernization costs and time and improve security posture.

  • O&M and modernization costs can be reduced with SAIC's application modernization tools and practices
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Improved predictability and rapid modernization
  • Reduced cybersecurity risk and enhanced capabilities to move toward continuous ATO
  • Intelligently containerizes, automates, and iteratively transforms legacy applications

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Digital Engineering

SAIC’s digital engineering offerings accelerate customer missions by helping them look beyond traditional model-based systems engineering methodologies. We bring versatility in design and technical integration to empower our customers to adapt quickly to changes in mission requirements. Customer’s decision-making processes are enhanced with the ability to consider alternatives quickly and accurately.

  • Tool agnostic—we use the best current and future tools for each facet of a mission
  • Capture and integrate the knowledge of diverse experts across an enterprise
  • Focus subject matter experts on driving innovation
  • Reuse and regressively analyze as mission requirements change

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