Out of the Ordinary

Innovate. Learn. Respect.

At SAIC, our vision is collaborative. We build upon the best ideas and solutions, no matter where they come from. We celebrate our diversity and thrive on being inclusive. By working here, you will learn on the job from co-workers as they in turn learn from you. We know that when we work together and hold our values close, we make our communities and our country stronger.

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Ingenuity Gives Back

Our employees positively impact our communities through their work with our customers and time spent volunteering. We understand the importance of partnering with nonprofits, and look to them as the experts in what our communities need. When we work together, we are more globally responsible and strengthen the areas where we live and work.


Learn more about SAIC's community support.

Employees in Action

Feeding America

We raise money to fight food insecurity across the nation by partnering with Feeding America each September. In total, we have given over $800,000.

Wave Warriors Surf Camp

Volunteers at the Wave Warriors Surf Camp in Virginia Beach provide wounded warriors and their families a fun and therapeutic getaway at the beach.

Capital Pride

Our employees participate in Capital Pride festival in Washington, D.C. to celebrate diversity and raise awareness for the LGBTQ community.

Inclusion & Diversity

A diverse team make creativity achievable.

Our inclusion and diversity program, MOSAIC, fosters a workplace where all employees feel valued for their unique perspectives, life experiences, values, and skills. Understanding how our similarities and differences impact our interactions and shape our viewpoints is essential for creating an inclusive culture.


As part of our commitment to diversity, we support four interest-based business resource groups (BRGs):

These groups provide opportunities for networking, mentoring, leadership development, and knowledge sharing. Although each BRG has a specific focus, all employees are invited to participate.

Military/Veterans BRG
Connect and Grow BRG
Women’s BRG
Equality Alliance


Sustainability for a greener tomorrow.

Being better environmental citizens is not only good for our planet now, it’s the right thing to do for our future. We are committed to making a more sustainable environment for our employees, families, and communities by making improvements in our own practices and environmental targets to:

  • Understand the economic effects of environment and corporate responsibility
  • Develop and promote leaders and experts in corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Implement an initiative to become committed to a greener, sustainable future by 2020

Greenhouse gas emissions are an important gauge in overall environmental impact. SAIC has set an emissions reduction goal of 15 percent, over the 2014 base year emissions, by 2025.

Emissions by Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalents (MTCO2e) at facilities operationally controlled by SAIC:

  • 2018 – Approximately 9,970.6
  • 2017 - Approximately 10,092.3
  • 2016 - Approximately 11,748.9
  • 2015 - Approximately 15,388
  • 2014 - Adjusted from previously reported 11,952 to 15,790 to include Scitor Corporation, which was acquired by SAIC in May 2015.

These results, which include Scope I and Scope II emissions, were determined following the method outlined in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.